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Multiplication Stair Stickers – Style 1



  • Multiplication Style Numbering *

  • Multiplication Style 1 Numbering *

    List the starting and ending number you want on the first step. We will build off this information to created the other steps. Example: First step, 5 through 12. If unsure of the design, enter "To Be Determined" .

Stair Sticker Options

  • Location *

  • Number of Steps *

    Stair stickers are sold as a set based on the total number of steps you enter here. For instance, if you are covering eight steps, enter "8" in this section and "1" in the Add to Quote section below. This will give you a total of 8 stair stickers.Min: 1

  • Size *

  • Length in Inches *

    Example: Enter 65.125 for 65 1/8"Min: 20

  • Height in Inches *

    Min: 3Max: 10

  • Standard Size - Indoor Calc *

  • Standard Size - Outdoor Calc *

  • Custom Size - Indoor Calc *

  • Custom Size - Outdoor Calc *

  • Upload Photos *

    Include an image of the staircase. This will be used for design purposes, ensuring the design is set up in the best way possible. If the risers are textured, please include a closeup of the texture.Max file size: 3 MBPermitted file types: jpg jpeg jpe png gif pdf